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Keet Health

Saas Product Digital Rebrand, Site Redesign & Explainer Videos

GRAYBOX worked closely with the Keet Health team to define the brand persona, audiences, and platform benefits. But, unfortunately, the old website and brand were not living up to Keet’s product innovation.

Through the website redesign, our team developed a new look and feel for the company. Keet’s new brand is light, energetic, and personable to visualize its technology and human elements. In addition to a new design system, we also developed dynamic product videos and motion-based infographics. At GRAYBOX, we believe B2B audiences deserve premium content to merit their time and consideration.

Keet’s new website is designed with distinct user journeys to generate leads with two very different types of customers—self-insured employers and care providers. Built on a WordPress CMS, the site is easy to maintain and flexible, including multiple custom templates and an extensive resource center. Keet Health now has a brand and website that tells its story to meet its business needs.

The leap for­ward that our part­ner­ship with Keet was able to part­ner on is sub­stan­tial; the com­bi­na­tion of refreshed brand, audi­ence-spe­cif­ic site con­tent, and tai­lored explain­er videos real­ly help tell the Keet sto­ry in a more dynam­ic and effec­tive way.

David Hughes, VP of Strategy at GRAYBOX

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