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Managed Cloud Infrastructures & Platforms

Harness the power and flexibility of cloud hosting and infrastructure. From AWS, Azure and Google’s Cloud Platform, we can help you realize the power of the cloud.

The Cloud is Better

If you're still hosting your own servers, you really should stop. The cloud is faster, cheaper, more powerful and self-evolving. We can help with the migration, optimization, and ongoing management of your cloud infrastructure.

Office Automation

Automation is a powerful way to streamline and systematize many parts of your business office workflow. There are many options to make sure things happen automatically and perfectly every time.

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Internet of Things

Today, many devices are internet-connected. We work to develop and design the infrastructure for internet-connected devices and sensors to communicate, streamline operations and improve efficiency.

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Point of Sale and Kiosks

Single-use digital kiosks have been available for a long-time, but their usability is rapidly expanding into new and exciting areas. We can design, build and implement embedded software applications for Kiosk and POS use.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS provides cloud based products and services at affordable prices, allowing developers to build and run reliable, sophisticated and scalable applications on-demand.

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Microsoft Azure

Work with GRAYBOX to utilize Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform to develop and run sophisticated and scalable applications for your business.

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On Premise to Cloud Conversions

On Premise to Cloud conversions help your organization create virtual environments on an as-needed basis and leverage advanced libraries or tools to extend your applications capabilities.

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