Citizenship by Investment

Do you know that these days, you can legally acquire direct citizenship and passport in a second country within a few months by investing a lump sum of money? Having a second passport/citizenship brings extensive travel freedom plus numerous benefits for family members. If you are a high net worth individual or a wealthy business person, with surplus money to invest, then you have come to the right place. The good news is you can get citizenship and passport in another country, just by investing your money by means of donation to charity that benefits the country or buying a piece of real estate that satisfies the minimum investment criteria. There are no residency requirements at all, you just directly receive your passport to you and your family members. Only few handful of countries offering the citizenship-by-investment program (or economic citizenship). The bad news the investment amount usually runs from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions, but no less than USD 250,000.


Grenada Dual Citizenship


Antigua Barbuda Dual Citizenship


Dominica Dual Citizenship

Malta Dual Citizenship

Malta Dual Citizenship


St. Kitts-Nevis Dual Citizenship


St. Lucia New Citizenship




Cyprus New Citizenship

Panama Residency







Vanuatu New Citizenship